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Zombie Ghosts is a Infection gametype, in Halo: Reach. It was added to the game by 343 Industries, in the 2012 June Update.


This Infection-based gametype totally differs from its Infection and Alpha Zombie counterparts. The same rules from Infection are still in place. However, there have been major tweaks in the Zombie's and Human's abilities.

Zombies now run faster, and have active camouflage, and when they walk or run, flames engulf their bodies, making them easier targets for the Humans. Golf Clubs now replace their original Energy Swords, allowing a bold zombie to rack up tons of multikills. Their sprint ability also remains intact.

The Humans now have a Focus Rifle and a Plasma Repeater, which are the perfect weapons for cutting down the Zombies. Their sprint ability remains intact.


Zombie Ghosts is a very fast-paced gametype. Humans must stay on their feet and remain with a strong group of other Humans, it they wish to survive. Being a Zombie has more of an advantage in this gametype, more so than in Infection or Alpha Zombies. Because of this, many Human players may want to get infected, so that they can rack up more kills. Zombie tactics are simple: charge the Humans full-force, with another group of Zombies. Players using this tactic will infect many other players with ease.

Halo Reach - Zombie Ghosts Gameplay New Infection Gametype!05:49

Halo Reach - Zombie Ghosts Gameplay New Infection Gametype!

The all-new Infection variant: Zombie Ghosts

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