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Were you looking for the Halo 2 multiplayer map, Zanzibar, or one of its remakes, Last Resort (Halo 3) or Zanzibar Anniversary (Halo 2: Anniversary)?
Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar Island is an island on Earth comprising Zanzibar Island and several adjacent islands off the northeast coast of the United Republic of Tanzania, Africa.[1]



Wind Power Station 7, located on Zanzibar Island.

Once a tropical paradise, Zanzibar is now a small abandoned township off the coast of Africa about 175 km south of New Mombasa, which was the Covenant's main incursion point in their first attack on Earth in 2552.

The island houses one of the 49 large power generators that powered various facilities around that area before it was decommissioned for the war. It was one of the many various battlegrounds of the Covenant's invasion. Survivors of the initial assault called it "Hell on Earth."

Wind Power Station 7 is located on Zanzibar Island. It has been all but decommissioned. It sits as a mute reminder of the East African Protectorate's late 25th-century attempt at re-nationalization.


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