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The Z-5080 Short-Range Spectrum Augmenter/Vision or Promethean Vision is an Armor Ability that creates a short-range spectrum wave which allows the user to detect shapes and movement through solid walls and objects.[1]


  • Promethean Vision allows the user to see through walls and objects.
  • Promethean Vision makes enemies and allies more easily noticeable. Opponents will appear as red, allies as green, and the background as blue.
  • If a player uses Promethean Vision close enough to a M363 Remote Projectile Detonator's projectile, the built-in radar on the corresponding Detonator will be temporarily jammed.


  • Promethean Vision gives away the user's location and that the ability is in use:
    • A concentric red ring appears on the motion sensor emanating from the user's location.
    • A flashing red light appears on the user's helmet.
    • Other players will hear a distinct ping and purring sound.
  • Promethean Vision doesn't distinguish between holograms and actual players.
  • If a player is using the Active Camouflage Armor Ability or Stealth Support Upgrade, he cannot be seen through walls and will appear as blue like the background.


  • The name Promethean Vision originates from the Prometheans, who were first observed using the technology.
  • Promethean Vision is the first Armor Ability to take advantage of VISR technology.




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