Yuri Lowenthal

Yuri Lowenthal.

Yuri Lowenthal is the voice actor for Kamal Zaman. He has also voiced several anime and video game characters, such as the voice of the Prince in the Prince of Persia series.

The son of a Foreign Service officer, Yuri had an exotic childhood, growing up not only within the United States but also throughout Africa and Europe. After a brief stint with the Japanese government, Yuri turned to acting full-time and after several years in NYC, has recently relocated to Los Angeles.[1]

He has performed throughout the world and is also an internationally produced playwright. Since moving to L.A., he has continued to work in film, television, theater and voice-over. He is currently a member of the sketch comedy troupe Foe Pa.

Yuri is fluent in Japanese, French, and German and is trained in several martial arts including Wu Shu Kung Fu; he is an award winning Sumi-e painter and a published author.


  • Is the partner of Tara Platt who played some minor characters in I Love Bees
  • A piece of Kamal's dialog, "People think time is a river that flows in one direction, but time is an ocean."[2] is very much like the Prince's "Some say time is like a river that flows swift and sure in one direction, but I have seen the face of time and I can tell you they are wrong. Time is an ocean in a storm."[3]
  • Is also the voice actor of Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto

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