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Yoink is a multiplayer medal in Halo: Reach that is awarded when a player steals another player's kill while the latter is performing an Assassination.[1] It is the opposite of the Showstopper medal, which is gained by killing an enemy that is assassinating a teammate.


  • Its appearance is superficially similar to the Maybe Next Time Buddy achievement in Halo 3.
  • The term, "Yoink", is a phrase that originated from The Simpsons television series in which whenever a possession was stolen from another individual the person claiming the possession would utter the phrase.
  • It is likely that this medal's name is a reference to Red vs Blue, specifically a quote mentioned by Sarge when he switched Lopez with Andy.
  • In Matchmaking, players who intentionally "Yoink" their teammates' assassinations are often immediately betrayed in a fit of frustration at "kill-stealing" (and often draw negative feedback upon game completion).


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