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Xenoanthropology is the study of cultures of extraterrestrial life, an equivalent of this applied to human cultures is anthropology. Professor Evan Phillips, Dr. Connor Brien and Luther Mann are three of the foremost experts on the subject.

Evan Philips is considered a Sangheili expert as well as highly fluent in the Sangheili language.[1] during his studies he was allowed to study their culture on Sanghelios.[2]

Connor Brien was considered a Jiralhanae expert focussing on their social behaviour. He was able to speak the Jiralhanae language and was allowed access to Beta Gabriel to study their interactions more closely.[3]

Luther Mann is considered a Forerunner expert, having compiled extensive knowledge of their history, culture and language. during his research he has visited many Forerunner artefacts and Halo Arrays, as well as discovering Installation 07.[4] Luther Mann is a fluent speaker of the Sangheili language and has shown to be capable of communicating with a Huragok.[5]

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