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XGBU-302 Disruption Bomb

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The XGBU-302 4000 lb Experimental Guided Bomb Unit, also known as a disruption bomb, is an experimental UNSC bomb used by Shortsword-class bombers during the Human-Covenant war. When detonated the weapons is capable of killing all electronic equipment within a 2.1 mile radius.[1]


In Halo Wars, they function similarly to the Power Drain equipment from Halo 3, but instead of lowering enemy shields, they temporarily prevent any leaders from using their special powers. They can halt whatever power is being used at the moment for about one minute, and prevent any others from being activated within its active radius. Disruption bombs can be called in from any UNSC leader (Captain Cutter/Sergeant Forge/Professor Anders) for the price of 450 supplies. They only appear in multiplayer or skirmish mode.

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