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Wounded Marine

The Wounded Marine being tended by a medic.

The Wounded Marine is an easter egg in Halo 3: ODST. He can be found in the level Uplift Reserve behind a ledge near the Covenant carrier's landing zone. He has been driven mad by his broken ankle, and is being treated by a marine who is apparently keying on a data pad; his hands are empty, however.[1]


  • Wounded Marine: "No, no, no! You're not listening! It's a zoo, okay?"
  • Marine: "Well, technically it's a corporate-funded wildlife reserve."
  • Wounded Marine: "Semantics! This whole place is one...big...cage!"
  • Marine: "Listen, Marine. You're wounded; you need to try and relax."
  • Wounded Marine: "Except we, we're the zebras. All fenced in...and ready for the slaughter!"
  • Marine: "And the Covenant?"
  • Wounded Marine: "They're the lions...RAAAR!"
  • Marine: "Careful. I think you just strained a metaphor."
  • Wounded Marine: "Oh, oh God, oh God! Is that...serious?"
  • Marine: "Only if you keep it up."


  • The marine tending to this man has the same voice actor as PFC Chips Dubbo. The real Chips was in slipspace on his way to Installation 05.
  • Once the dialogue is completed, the medic will grab a rifle and help the player fight. However, he has very low health himself, and will not last long.


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