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Wesley is an Intel Operations Manager in the UNSC Marine Corps.[1]


Battle of ClevelandEdit

Main article: Battle of Cleveland

During the Battle of Cleveland in the winter of 2552, he was the Intelligence Operations Manager at the Marine Headquarters set up in the city, commanded by Sergeant Twyker. They were later met by Ruwan Ackerson, the brother of James Ackerson, who was escaping the city alongside Myras Tyla. Though they were initially hostile towards Ruwan, their demeanor changed when they learned that the Key of Osanalan was actually fake. With Twyker, Wesley devised a plan to use the knowledge to their advantage.

They managed to contact the Covenant and inform them that they had the "key" and to meet them for it. Ruwan volunteered to partake in their mission, and was injected with an organic tracking material. The Covenant fell for their plan, and the Nassau Station used its MAC cannons to destroy the Covenant ship.



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