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Mount Kilimanjaro seen from Weru Weru River.

The Weru Weru River[1] is a glacial meltwater river in Tanzania, East African Protectorate that runs south of Mount Kilimanjaro and the GWC Trans-African Pipelines. During the 24th Century, The Global Water Campaign built the pipelines to collect water from the melting ice on Mount Kilimanjaro. The A2 Hydroelectric Facility is located along the river, between the Nkuu and Lyamungu mountain trails, as exists in the 21st century. This is the river close to the where John-117 would impact the ground following a rapid descent in an attempt to escape the Forerunner dreadnought. In the 21st century, the river is a tributary of the Kikuletwa river that runs into the Nyumba ya Mungu hydroelectric dam. The hydroelectric dam was completed in the 20th century. As global warming devastated the glacial reserves which sourced the rivers feeding into the Nyumba ya Mungu dam, the dam became increasingly redundant due to insufficient water levels to drive the turbines. As the seasonal water levels continued to drop, smaller hydroelectric dams were constructed to replace the large dame, in locations further and further upstream, eventually reaching locations such as encountered by the Master Chief.