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The Weaponless Elite (Dual Wielding) Glitch is a glitch that works on the Halo 2 campaign.


To see them, go on any level in Halo 2 where you have Elites as allies. All you need to do is get a Needler (this weapon works best, although you can use any weapons that has a magazine) and fire the weapon until there is no ammunition left. Then, approach one of your Elite allies. Swap your weapon with him while you are still reloading so he is in possession of it. He should drop it immediately. When he follows you, (or if you betray all of your Elite allies except him, causing him to retaliate), he will start tea-bagging and just walk at a hostile.

An alternative way is to try firing a round while reloading a dual-wieldable weapon, and when you start to reload, swap weapons with the Elite as you would in the previous step.

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