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Weaponless Kat GlitchEdit

On the mission Winter Contingency in Halo: Reach, right after the door closes and Kat gets up, she will sometimes have no weapon.

Weaponless Jun and Emile GlitchEdit

The Weaponless Jun and Emile glitch is a glitch in the Halo: Reach mission The Package. The glitch causes both Jun and Emile to be weaponless when entering ONI: Sword Base.


Start at the beginning of the level. Go until you meet the first checkpoint just out of the Sword Base gate. Then turn around and go back out towards the two AA guns. Then you should meet a "Loading... Done" point. Turn back around and go back to Sword Base. Go into Sword Base to meet up with the rest of Noble Team. Jun and Emile will be without weapons.

Reach 6099292 Medium

Weaponless Jun and Emile

When Noble Team makes its way to the stairs of Sword Base, Jun and Emile will walk with their chests forward and head back, with arms at side.

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