The Weaponless Brute is a glitch in Halo 2 Vista, that can be performed in the level The Great Journey. When you get to the point where Sergeant Major Avery Johnson destroys the door with the Scarab, hijack a Brute's Banshee. The Brute will get out but with no weapon. Without it he will not attack you.


  1. Play through the mission until you reach the point that you can get a Banshee.
  2. Start by flying straight to the beach, and land the Banshee on the beach and start firing at the other Banshees flying above (with a weapon, such as a Plasma Pistol, however, if you are using a Plasma Pistol, do not charge it) until one gets close enough to board.
  3. Once you do, get out of that Banshee and you can get close to the Brute and he will start to walk to you, doing a "Gangster Walk."

The Brutes are completely harmless outside the Banshee, as all they do is walk around. But, like all Brutes, they will go berserk if you kill their partner. On the ground, it will have no weapon. Walk up to him and walk backwards. While walking backwards the Brute will follow and will be doing somewhat of a "Gangster" style walk. It is recommended that you destroy the Wraiths and draw attention from the Banshees by firing at them with a weapon such as a Plasma Pistol. Some players often call them "pet" brutes.

At the place where Sergeant Johnson is supposed to blast away the control room's doors, a brute standing on a flipped-over wraith can be seen tucked away in the corner of the surrounding towers.