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H5G Multiplayer WeaponPad

A weapon pad with a rocket launcher on it.

A weapon pad, also known as a power pad, is a weapon holding device that usually holds power weapons.


Weapon pads normally hold power weapons. They are reusable and spawn the weapons configured in two or three minute intervals. A hologram of the weapon appears on the weapon pad when it is thirty seconds away from spawning, and buzzing sounds emanate from the pad. When a weapon is ten seconds away from spawning on a power pad, a message is played to inform players that a power weapon is spawning, while the weapon pad buzzes even louder. Another sound clip is played when the weapon has spawned.


Loadout weaponsEdit

Assault Rifle
  • Assault Rifle in ten seconds!
  • Ten seconds to Assault Rifle!
  • Assault Rifle is on the field!
  • Assault Rifle ready!
  • Assault Rifle's up!
Battle Rifle
  • Battle Rifle in ten seconds!
  • BR in ten!
  • Ten seconds to Battle Rifle!
  • Battle Rifle's on the field!
  • Battle Rifle ready!
  • Battle Rifle's up!
  • DMR in ten seconds!
  • DMR in ten!
  • Ten seconds to DMR!
  • DMR's up!
  • DMR is on the field!
Magnum/Halo: Combat Evolved Pistol
  • Magnum in ten!
  • Magnum in ten seconds!
  • Ten seconds to Magnum!
  • Magnum's on the field!
  • Magnum ready!
  • Magnum's up!
  • Suppressor in ten seconds!
  • Ten seconds to Suppressor!
  • Suppressor's on the field!
  • Suppressor ready!
  • Suppressor's up!

Power WeaponsEdit

Beam Rifle/Halo 2 Beam Rifle
  • Beam in ten!
  • Ten seconds to Beam Rifle!
  • Beam Rifle's on the field!
  • Beam Rifle's up!
  • Beam Rifle ready!
Binary Rifle
  • Binary in ten!
  • Binary Rifle in ten seconds!
  • Ten seconds to Binary Rifle!
  • Binary's up!
  • Binary Rifle's ready!
  • Boltshot in ten seconds!
  • Boltshot in ten!
  • Boltshot is on the field!
  • Boltshot ready!
  • Boltshot's up!
Energy Sword
  • Energy Sword in ten seconds!
  • Sword in ten!
  • Ten seconds to Energy Sword!
  • Energy Sword's ready!
  • Sword's up!
Fuel Rod Cannon
  • Fuel Rod in ten!
  • Fuel Rod Cannon in ten seconds!
  • Ten seconds to Fuel Rod!
  • Fuel Rod is on the field!
  • Fuel Rod's up!
Hydra Launcher
  • Hydra in ten!
  • Hydra Launcher in ten seconds!
  • Ten seconds to Hydra Launcher!
  • Hydra Launcher ready!
  • Hydra's on the field!
Incineration Cannon
  • Incineration Cannon in ten!
  • Ten seconds to Incineration Cannon!
  • Incineration Cannon's on the field!
  • Incineration Cannon ready!
  • Incineration Cannon's up!
  • LightRifle in ten!
  • LightRifle in ten seconds!
  • LightRifle's in play!
  • LightRifle ready!
  • LightRifle's up!
  • Needle in ten seconds!
  • Needles in ten!
  • Ten seconds to Needler!
  • Needler's on the field!
  • Needler ready!
Plasma Caster
  • Caster in ten!
  • Ten seconds to Plasma Caster!
  • Plasma Caster is on the field!
  • Plasma Caster ready!
  • Plasma Caster up!
Plasma Pistol
  • Plasma Pistol in ten!
  • Plasma Pistol in ten seconds!
  • Plasma Pistol ready!
  • Plasma Pistol is on the field!
  • Plasma Pistol's up!
  • Rail in ten!
  • Railgun in ten seconds!
  • Railgun is up!
  • Railgun on the field!
  • Railgun ready!
Rocket Launcher/SPNKr Rocket Launcher
  • Rocket Launcher in ten seconds!
  • Rockets in ten!
  • Ten seconds to Rocket Launcher!
  • Rocket Launcher's on the field!
  • Rocket Launcher ready!
  • Rockets are up!
  • Scatter in ten!
  • Scattershot in ten seconds!
  • Scattershot's in play!
  • Scattershot ready!
  • Scattershot's up!
  • SAW in ten!
  • Ten seconds to SAW!
  • SAW is in play!
  • SAW is on the field!
  • SAW ready!
  • Shotty in ten!
  • Ten seconds to Shotgun!
  • Shotgun's on the field!
  • Shotgun's ready!
  • Shotgun's up!
Sniper Rifle
  • Sniper Rifle in ten seconds!
  • Sniper in ten!
  • Sniper Rifle's on the field!
  • Sniper Rifle's ready!
  • Sniper's up!
Spartan Laser
  • Spartan Laser in ten seconds!
  • Ten seconds to Spartan Laser!
Storm Rifle
  • Storm Rifle in ten seconds!
  • Storm in ten!
  • Storm Rifle is on the field!
  • Storm Rifle ready!
  • Storm Rifle up!
  • SMG in ten!
  • Ten seconds to SMG!
  • SMG is ready!
  • SMG ready!
  • SMG's up!

Multiple PadsEdit

  • Ten seconds to weapon pad!
  • Weapon pad in ten seconds!
  • Weapon pad in ten!
  • Weapons pads open!
  • Weapon pads ready!
  • Weapon pads up!




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