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Weapon skins in Halo 4 allow players to customize their loadout weapons aesthetically. New weapon skins can be unlocked through the following:

Note that the weapon skins added in Title Update v1.05 cannot be used in Spartan Ops.[4]

Weapon Skins GalleryEdit


Main article: M395 Designated Marksman Rifle

Battle RifleEdit

Main article: BR85HB SR Battle Rifle

Covenant CarbineEdit

Main article: Type-51 Carbine


Main article: Z-250 Directed Energy Engagement Weapon

Assault RifleEdit

Main article: MA5D Individual Combat Weapon System

Storm RifleEdit

Main article: Type-55 Directed Energy Rifle/Advanced


Main article: Z-130 Directed Energy Automatic Weapon


Main article: M6H Personal Defense Weapon System

Plasma PistolEdit

Main article: Type-25 Directed Energy Pistol


Main article: Z-110 Directed Energy Pistol/Exotic


  • Halo 4 is the first Halo game to introduce this feature.
  • From September 24 to November 4, 2012, 343 Industries and GameStop offered the Arctic Battle Rifle skin, with the most votes, to customers who pre-ordered Halo 4 at GameStop. On October 8, 2012, the Arctic Battle Rifle skin was chosen as the winner of the first round, and became one of the three exclusive pre-order bonus items from GameStop.
  • The name of the DMR skin "Noble" is a reference to Noble Team, who made their first appearance in Halo: Reach along with the DMR.



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