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Complete Objectives to Earn Points. Destroy the Enemy Core for an Instant Victory.


Warzone is a 24-player multiplayer mode in Halo 5: Guardians.[1] It features two teams of 12 players each, AI-controlled opponents, and maps up to four times larger than any previous Halo multiplayer map.[1] Commander Sarah Palmer acts as the announcer for Warzone.[2][3]

Warzone utilizes the Requisition system to allow players to get weapons and vehicles in game.[4]


The objective of the mode is to get 1000 victory points (VP), or to destroy the enemy team's core.[2][5]

Variations Edit

There are two gametypes in Warzone. The first is the core gametype, which features AI-controlled opponents and a base for each team. The second gametype does not have AI opponents and features an attack/defend tug-of-war base capture between the two teams.[6]


Round StartEdit

Both teams start in D79H-TC Pelicans and land at their respective bases. Initially, each base is overrun with AI enemies which must be cleared out at the start of the game.[5] An exception is in Skirmish at Darkstar where both players spawn in the middle and can take down a boss.[8]


From this point on, both teams' objectives are to capture the three bases, and to eliminate enemy Spartans and high-value targets to earn victory points.[5]

Fight for the CoreEdit

If all three bases are captured by a single team, the enemy's base will become accessible to that team. The enemy's core shielding will be disabled. If the core is destroyed, the attacking team will win regardless of victory points or time limit.[5]

Victory PointsEdit

If neither team manages to capture all bases and destroy the other team's core, the victor will be decided by victory points. Whoever reaches 1000 VP first will be the winner. In the event that the time limit is reached before either team reaches 1000 VP, the team with the highest VP will win.[5]

Artificial IntelligenceEdit

On every map there are AI enemies that will fight both teams. At different times throughout the map, a boss AI will spawn. These are harder to kill, but victory points will be granted to whichever team lands the killing blow.[5] Each map has its own unique set of bosses that can only be fought on that map. Each boss has its own set spawn points on the map.[3]

There are also friendly Marines that spawn in each team's bases. They are adorned in the color of the team they come from, and protect the bases they spawn in.[2]

AI EnemiesEdit

Legendary BossesEdit

Compatible MapsEdit

There were six maps at launch. Another six maps were added in post-release content updates.[3]


The following maps are featured in the standard Warzone and Warzone Turbo playlists.

Warzone AssaultEdit

The following is a list of maps compatible with the asymmetric Warzone Assault gametype. Warzone Assault maps are typically remixes of normal Warzone maps.

Warzone FirefightEdit

Warzone Firefight uses a mix of both Warzone and Warzone Assault maps.




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