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According to the E3 2000 demo, Private Wang was serving on the Pillar of Autumn in 2552, when it crash-landed on Installation 04. On the ring, Wang and the rest of his squad were to infiltrate a Covenant-held bunker. Wang, sporting his M90 Shotgun and a "boonie" hat, went toward the bunker on foot with the Sergeant and Laine, as Geoff and his squad rode in on a Warthog.

Wang and the rest of the squad broke into the bunker and searched for more enemy hostiles. When the sergeant ordered him to head down a hall, he checked around his location. Thinking it was secured, he looked at the Sergeant and began to say, "All clear," until he was impaled in the back with an Energy Sword brandished by a Major Elite. The rest of the squad headed topside after Wang's death.

Trivia Edit

  • He was probably named after Shi Kai Wang, a Bungie employee.
  • It is unknown if Wang is considered canon since his only appearance was in the Halo: Combat Evolved E3 demo.

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