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Wang was a UNSC Naval crewman on the UNSC Pillar of Autumn when it crashed on Installation 04. Fortunately, he escaped the dying vessel on the Bumblebee life pod Kilo Tango Victor 17 with a few others, including his commanding officer, Captain Keyes.[1]

While they evaded veteran Covenant troops with the help of Corporal Wilkins and several other marines, Wang and the others could not help but notice the incessant whining of Ensign Ellen Dowski. Her complaints soon turned into much more serious accusations of Keyes using those under his command so he could make a higher rank, and that they should surrender to the Covenant. Wang did not personally comment on Dowski's remarks, but bristled at her attitude and did his best to ignore her.[2]

A Covenant Elite and some Grunts found Ellen and she told the Covenant where Wang and the others were. When the Covenant found them, they were overwhelmed.[3] Wang was shot between the shoulder blades with a Plasma Pistol when he attempted to flee.[4]


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