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Walter Vickers was a cadet at Corbulo Academy of Military Science. His father was Chief Financial Advisor for Misriah Armory.[1]


Corbulo AcademyEdit

He was assigned to Hastati Squad under the command of squad leader April Orenski.[2]

Battle of Circinius IVEdit

Main article: Battle of Circinius IV

On April 26, 2526, Corbulo Academy of Military Science was attacked by the Covenant. Hastati squad fled to the armory but were cornered by a Sangheili. In order to give the rest of his squad time to escape Vickers attempted to distract the Sangheili by ramming a fire extinguisher into the back of the Sangheili. Almost immediately he was killed by the Sangheili's Plasma rifle.[2]


  • According to his CAMS cadet interview, he had a brother who had intended on attending the Academy but had died before being able to.[2]