W. B. Eton is a UNSC colonel.[1]

On January 2553, Eton drafted and sent a 600 Series security container filled with classified documents concerning the actions of SPARTAN Noble Team during the Fall of Reach to a Beta-5 Division operative, who had requested the package.[1] After the operative's death on April 10, 2609, another former operative retrieved the package and sent it to his cousin on January 15th, 2610, urging him to either turn in the package to the Museum of Humanity or to make the information public.[2]

Colonel Eton suspected that the operative's interest in the package was due to the latter's participation in Operation: WHITE GLOVE. He remarked that Section 0 had possessed the information for quite some time. Eton regarded Halsey as "the one loose end that may never be wrapped up satisfactorily".[3]


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