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Vyrant Telecom was a prominent human telecommunications business. The company had offices in the city of New Mombasa as well as New Alexandria.


Vyrant Telecom was a telecommunications company founded sometime before 2552, as they had an established office tower in New Alexandria as well as in New Mombasa. They had offered unknown telecommunication services since their founding.

Human-Covenant warEdit

Main article: Human-Covenant war

During the Fall of Reach, Vyrant Telecom lost its office in New Alexandria due to Covenant glassing.[1]

The Battle of Earth would also see Vyrant Telecom lose their two kilometer tall skyscraper, in New Mombasa, when the Covenant began to dig for the artifact.[2][note 1]


In 2558, Vyrant Telecom had an advertisement campaign in the city of Pilvros, New Carthage.[3]





  1. Measurable by using pan-cam coordinates: the height cap is at 615 WU, the building extends a bit over that, and 1WU=~3 meters


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