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Vorenus was a Jiralhanae in the Covenant Navy attached to the cruiser, Rapid Conversion and was a part of Maccabeus' pack.[1]

Physical DescriptionEdit

Vorenus was taller and was more muscular than Maccabeus, and was possibly a close friend to the Chieftain, second only to Tartarus, the Chieftain's nephew.

Battle of HarvestEdit

Main article: Battle of Harvest

Vorenus was responsible for killing Rol Pedersen during the initial contact. Much later, Vorenus held Staff Sergeant Byrne hostage. Several JOTUNs found there way to the battle taking place, startling Vorenus, who then released his grip on Byrne. The Colonial Militia took this chance to take him down.


  • Vorenus' name may have been taken from that of Lucius Vorenus, a Centurion in the 11th Legion, mentioned by Julius Caesar's personal writings.

List of appearancesEdit


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