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Visor colors are available in Halo: Reach and Halo 4.

Halo: ReachEdit


Visor Colors of Halo: Reach

In addition to customizing armor, you are allowed to customize the color of your visor from the traditional yellow gold to a variety of colors. There are 5 colors available to choose from. These are purely cosmetic and have no effect on gameplay whatsoever. The colors available are Default, Silver, Blue, Black and Gold.

Color Cost
Default (Starter)
Silver Sergeant, 35,000 cR
Blue Warrant Officer, 50,000 cR
Black Lt. Colonel, 100,000 cR
Gold Colonel, 250,000 cR

Halo 4Edit

Visor colors are seen again in Halo 4 but with a wider variety to choose from.Visors can be unlocked by leveling up, completing Commendations and completing Specializations. Like Halo: Reach, these are purely cosmetic and have no effect on gameplay.

Visor Color
Name Unlock Color
Recruit (Starter) Blue
Solar Rank SR-20 Red
Frost Rank SR-29 Silver
Midnight Rank SR-46 Black
Cyan Commendation From the Brink - Master Cyan Fading to Green
Blindside Commendation Avenger - Master Dark Red Fading to Black
Sunspot Commendation Assistant - Master Purple Fading to Cyan
Verdant Commendation Splatter - Master Green
Legendary Beat the campaign on Legendary Gold
Wetwork Rank WK-6 Red/Blue gradient
Operator Rank OP-6 Pink/Orange fading to Purple
Pioneer Rank PR-6 Cyan
Pathfinder Rank PT-6 Red fading to Green
Engineer Rank EN-6 Blue fading to Purple
Stalker Rank SK-6 Bronze fading to Black
Rogue Rank RG-6 Dark Red fading to Purple
Tracker Rank TK-6 Purple


  • The Silver (in Halo: Reach) and Frost (in Halo 4) visors can be used to replicate the true ODST helmet, and they contain a description implying that it is the color of the ODST's. The Blue colored option is more accurate according to Halo 3: ODST, however. Also, you have to use the Black visor to replicate the Halo: Reach ODST helmet, meaning you can use three different colored visors to complete the ODST look, depending on what game you want to match.
  • The Gold visor can be used to replicate both the Mark V and Mark VI helmet.
  • It seems that some campaign characters (specifically Jun-A266 and Jorge-052) have their own visor color of reddish-orange. This visor color is not available in the armory.
    • Bungie stated that there originally was going to be a Red visor color that would be unlocked at Inheritor, but it was cut a month before Reach was released.
  • The Black visor's description quotes Henry Ford, saying:  "You can have it in any color you want... as long as it's black."
  • There are many fake YouTube videos showing "secret" visor colors.
  • The player must have at least 435,000 cR and must be a Colonel to own every visor color.
  • If wearing the Default visor color with green armor, the visor color appears golden. This is most noticeable with the Grenadier helmet. This may be a reference to Halo: Combat Evolved as the Master Chief was completely green, whereas in the later games his armor's color has darkened to sage.

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