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Vinnerva was born to Gamelpar when they lived in the "Old City." When the Forerunners began taking people from the Old City the Tudejsa fled. Her parents were taken to the Palace of Pain leaving Vinnerva in the hands of her grandfather. In her village she became a worker and many males would attempt to advance on her sexually had she not been protected by her grandfather who refused to give permission to any of the males. Her grandfather's protection led to his expulsion from the village though Vinnevra could defend herself as well as the superstitions of retaliation from Gamelpar as he knew daowa-maadthu.

When Chaka's escape pod had fallen near the village Gamelpar sent Vinnerva to investigate. Finding Chakas, she nursed him until he was in good health. Vinnerva would travel with Chakas on Installation 07, along with Gamelpar. She was last reported as having "Become part of The Librarian's core population of humans" on one of the Arks, although it is unclear which one.[1]

Vinnerva is not her real name, her real name is only known by Gamelpar, and later when told by Gamelpar, Chakas found out her real name as well.

Also, at the end of Halo: Primordium, Chakas (or 343 Guilty Spark) has an idea of where to find the Librarian and how it can help him to finding Vinnevra and also Riser.


Vinnevra's appearance is described by Chakas, after waking up from the Forerunner Bubble.[2]

Chakas described her, when his vision cleared, to be

  • Tree-Slender
  • Having a round face that was so black it was almost purple
  • Having long skinny legs

Chakas later described Vinnevra's hair,[3] while the wind was blowing through it, as having

  • Orange-Brown Curls

Vinnevra's True NameEdit

Vinnevra's real name is currently unknown to the public. Her fake name, "Vinnevra," came from her mother's name, which was also Vinnevra. Only 2 people know her true real name: Gamelpar and Chakas.

Before Gamelpar's death, he asked Chakas if he was willing to watch over her, guide her away from the ghost-filled village, and keep her safe for as long as he can. Gamelpar, then asked Chakas if he was going to leave her behind and go off on his own. Chakas anwsered "No," hating himself, not knowing if it was a lie or not. Gamelpar started to tell Chakas Vinnevra's real, and true name: "Her true name . . . known only by her mate, her life partner . . . or to her sworn guardian . . ." Gamelpar whispered Vinnevra's true name into Chaka's ear.[4]



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