Satellite image of UNSC deployments across the Viery Territory.

The Viery Territory was a large region, most likely a country, on the planet Reach.[1] The continent of Eposz was within this territory.[2]


Human-Covenant War Edit

Main article: The Fall of Reach

Just before July 24, 2552, a small Covenant team lead by Zealots, infiltrated the Visegrád Relay, disrupting communications on Reach. The UNSC, fearing that the Insurrectionists had taken down the relay, sent Noble Team to investigate. The UNSC found out about the small team and declared WINTER CONTINGENCY.[3]

On July 26, a single Covenant corvette besieged ONI: Sword Base at the Babd Catha Ice Shelf. The UNSC Army and Noble Team drove back the invaders and brought defenses back online.[4]

On the night of August 11, Noble Team was deployed to Szurdok Ridge in order to research new Covenant activities. They found out that the Covenant was deploying large amounts of forces into the region through teleportation spires. They reported their findings and the UNSC made a plan.[5] On the morning of August 12, 2552, large Covenant deployments were detected moving across the Viery. In response, numerous UNSC forces launched an assault on the region.[1]

When the Covenant supercarrier Long Night of Solace revealed itself, Noble Team made a plan. In order to achieve this plan, they needed to acquire space transit and defenses. So, on August 14, 2552, the UNSC launched an assault on the Sabre Program Launch/Research Range.[6]





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