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Victor 398 was a UNSC Pelican dropship that crashed into the mountain gorge that is the Halo 3 multiplayer map, Valhalla.[2] In February 2558, Victor 398's crash would be mirrored by that of Spartan Mountain Squad's Pelican. This crash took place in a nearly identical canyon on the shield world Requiem.


The crash, which the crew barely survived, also scattered the Pelican's contents throughout the valley. V-398's rear hatch is sealed, presumably by the surviving crew members, which denies access to the aircraft's interior. It was most likely on an ammunition run, due to the several Type C Resupply Capsules scattered throughout the area.

It is unknown how the Pelican crashed. It is possible that the Forerunner beam emitters atop the "bases" in Valhalla may have accidentally hit the Pelican, but this is unlikely, because for the Pelican to come to rest in its current position it would have had to come down on a path that does not pass over them. Due to Valhalla's location on the Ark, it is more likely that the dropship was shot down during the Battle of Installation 00.



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