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Campaign Quotes Edit

  • "Replacements?" First words in opening cutscene.
  • "at least they listen." - In opening cutscene.
  • "Orders are orders." - In opening cutscene.
  • "i'll pass on that dance but You can show me where to sit." - in opening cutscene.
  • "Hey! Watch where you put that!" - On the level, Coastal Highway.
  • "Win this war, then ask me that again." - At the end of the level, Coastal Highway.
  • "ONI Officers know a hundred possible ways to kill a man. For hundred and one ways." - Said after looking at her for too long. IWHBYD skull needed for this quote.
  • "I order you to stop looking at me like that." - When stared at too long. IWHBYD skull needed for this quote.
  • "We made it out of there, we'll make it out of here."
  • "Getting slapped in the face in a helmet still hurts." - If stared at.
  • "Something tells me you're not a rookie." - If the player kills both Brute Chieftains at the end of the level, Coastal Highway.
  • "Sergeant Major please, it's extremely flammable" - After Avery Johnson tosses his lighter at Vergil.
  • "I know your awake I can see you breathing!" If stared at. Interesting considering that one can still breath while sleeping.

Firefight Quotes Edit

  • "In one ear, out the other." - When getting a head shot
  • "Yeah, I'd be afraid of me, too."
  • "That's what you get for shooting a girl." - Killing an enemy with the IWHBYD skull turned on.
  • "Don't you wish you shot like a girl?"
  • "I recommend trying a lot harder."
  • "That's how you do it, boys."
  • "Yes, boys, that was me."
  • "Frag out!" - Grenade throwing.
  • "You're blocking my view." - When you stand in front of her in a firefight.
  • "What's the Covenant word for kiss my ass?"
  • "No really, impress me!" - said when watching enemies firing at her.
  • "Sit down!" - said after beating down an enemy.
  • "Dodge this!" - said while throwing a grenade.
  • "Nailed it!" - after killing an enemy.
  • "Yes!" - after killing an enemy
  • "FYI, this is the part where I kill you!"
  • "You throw like a girl, oh yeah." - IWHBYD needed.