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Venus is a planet in the Sol system, and is the second planet from the Sun, after Mercury. The planet has no natural satellites, and orbits the Sun once every 225 Earth days.[1]


At one point, an initiative was conceived to terraform the planet in the likeness of Earth. However, this project failed and the planet remained unsuitable for human habitation.[2] It is unknown exactly when this project took place, but it could not begun before the mid-21st century.[3]

By 2552, it is unknown if Venus had been terraformed or colonized, however as of 2220 it had still likely not been terraformed.[2][Note 2]



  1. Since Venus' surface is extremely inhospitable and it was never successfully terraformed, it is unlikely to harbor many (if any at all) permanent human residents.
  2. In the same Halo Mythos diagram that labels Venus as "Failed terraforming project," the Shaw Institute Facility is also mentioned. It is likely that this facility is named for Tobias Shaw, co-creator of the Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine, who was born in 2220. Hence, the diagram is most likely dated some time after Shaw's birth.


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