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Vasily Beloi, more commonly referred to as Vaz, is an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper. He was the son of a Construction worker named Oleg Beloi, who was killed by the Covenant when Vaz was 4 years old.[2] In January 2553, he and two other ODSTs including his friend, Staff Sergeant Malcolm Geffen, and Sergeant Lian Devereaux, were hand-picked by the Office of Naval Intelligence to serve under Captain Serin Osman in a covert operations team known as Kilo-Five. From the UNSC Port Stanley he performed numerous missions.


  • He has a large scar running down his jaw.
  • At one point he was involved in a relationship with a girl named Chrissie.
  • He seems to be motivated more by morality than his orders unlike other Marines.
  • He has a deep hatred for the various species of the former Covenant, Sangheili in particular.
  • He is one of the few Russian characters in the Halo saga.
  • He enjoyed watching Hockey finals on Waypoint.



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