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Valley of Tears B[1] was a natural environment module on the Covenant holy city, High Charity. A pond in this valley contained Covenant Koi.

During the first hours of the Great Schism, both the Swords of Sanghelios and the Covenant Loyalists tried to take the valley. The Separatists invaded from the north, while the Loyalists from the south. In the center, there was a tremendous fray, with Jiralhanae engaging Sangheili, Rangers, and black-armored Special Operations Unggoy armed with Fuel Rod Guns. Keeping the Separatist entryway to the valley secure were two Stealth Sangheili armed with Energy Swords along with several Grunts. John-117 killed all the guards by the entryway during the events of the campaign level Gravemind.

It along with all of High Charity was destroyed at The Ark.


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