As with my previous blogs, I have again been inspired to share my thoughts on Halo, this time concerning what people actually liked about Halo 4. It is well known that many Halo fans have reacted negatively to Halo 4, but rarely does anyone share what they actually liked about Halo 4. This has led me to believe that many Halo fans have put Bungie and what they did with Halo on a pedestal, which led to 343 Industries and Halo 4 being less than warmly received by many Halo fans. This almost certainly guaranteed that there was almost nothing 343i could have done to live up to the expectations placed on them and the franchise.

I have mentioned many things I like about Halo 4 in the past, and I am going to restate much of what I have said before. Halo 4, quite simply, has the best graphics and sound design of any of the Halo games. I am not referring to the visual redesign of many elements of the universe or Neil Davidge's music, but the overall graphical and audio quality of the game. Halo 4 is also one of the most polished games I have ever had the privilege of playing. The one-two punch of Dawn and Requiem feels to me like the perfect continuation to the Legendary ending of Halo 3. The Prometheans are an interesting, if somewhat challenging, addition to the Halo universe, though teleportation is extremely annoying to deal with at times. The Forerunner weapon set and its disintegration mechanic are a fitting addition to the Halo sandbox. The armor abilities and the way they were incorporated into the campaign was how I wish Bungie would have done it in the first place in Halo: Reach. I also love the HUD, though I do wish 343i hadn't removed the indicator for the second weapon.

I am as critical of Halo 4 as many of the haters are, but I believe many of the haters are selling 343i and Halo 4 short out of a love for Bungie and the way they do things, and maybe even out of a sense of betrayal because Bungie "abandoned" the Halo universe to create Destiny. I myself adore what Bungie did with Halo too. For example, when I play the beginning of Sierra 117 in Halo 3 and the drum beat starts playing shortly before Sergeant Reynolds makes his warning about the Brutes and the Phantom does a flyby, its one of the greatest gaming experiences I have ever had and nothing 343i has done even compares to it. I now leave everyone with a question. What does everyone actually like about Halo 4?