Halo 4 Forge: The sky is the limit; Literally

So, I am a new contributor who just signed up, and I noticed there's a lot of buzz concerning Halo 4. Among my friends, we've been especially concerned over forge not being announced. Then, after hitting up E3, we saw an amazing thing, a beacon of hope and wonder: .

Amazing, right? I know. So, I am posting a talk to feed the buzz of forge on Halo 4. To get it started, I have a few key points for which to seek confirmation, debate, or simply ramble on about.

-Player Trait Areas: What sorts of things will this create, from amazing wonders to annoying bugs?

-Previewed Forge Spaces: We looked at "The Rivine, one of three [available forge areas shipped with the game]"

-Forge Spaces to Come: One of three? We'll be the judge of that...

-Unseen Rivine: There was a large rivine, which was unexplored, and a forerunner structure. Both seemed enter-able, but not delete-able. Looked like a small map, too. More to see?

-Weapon Placement: Gameplay shows "Ordinance" is used to spawn power weapons. Is this a gameplay option? Can it be disabled? Are there weapon placements? This could be a serious problem....

-Money money money: There will be a 10,000,000 budget, but that's useless if there are extreme item limits, costs of items, etc.

-Interface: Magnetism, rotation snap, coordinates, normal, fixed, phased, movement, and more. Got any likes dislikes or wishes? (Because of course, let's just get our hopes as high as we possibly can to make sure we're dissapointed, right?)

-Space, the Frontier that seems to keep on Shrinking: How big of a forge space will we have? What about the map's geography? Will FX be there? What can you do with a blank canvis, if it's only so big?

-Atmosphere: Can you choose between grass, sand, snow, water, and ambience? I miss Sandtrap's dunes... *sniff*. Also there's no day-night time choices. #sadface

-MOAR PIECES!: I don't know about you guys, but I need more smaller-than-me pieces. Those columns ain't cuttin' it. Plus, a wider variety in terms of texture and shapes (this isn't Minecraft, give me a circle!)

I hope I have covered enough, and I'd like to see what you have to say! Feel free to send me a lengthy, overly explanitory message on what you'd like to see. I have nothing else to do!