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Why does Halo 4 receive so much hate?

Halo 4 started out as a very popular game, a lot of people bought it and played it, but then something changed... According to GameSpot it is even as bad as that more people play the game that came before Halo 4, namely Halo: Reach... I quote:

“Halo 4 had established a 92 percent larger user base than Halo: Reach at launch. Developer 343 Industries released free Halo 4 DLC known collectively as "Spartan Ops" in an episodic format following the game's release, which was trailed closely by paid DLC.”

Why has Halo become so unpopular with so much new content? I still find Spartan Ops enjoyable and the DLC very much so, but something scares the fans away. What is it? I think it has to do with the changes 343i made with the Franchise, trying out new stuff to see what they can keep and what they should discard from now on out. A couple of new things from Halo 4 are of course the enemies, the then-untapted story about the Forerunners (in-game that is), some weaponry and (what I believe to be the biggest problem) mid-game joining and disappointing upgrades/customizations.

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I understand that people are a bit disappointed in the game, but I see no reason to leave it. My biggest disappointment was the mid-game joining, for some it was the confusing campaign and for others the lack of rewards for leveling up. In Halo 4 it is much too easy to reach the maximum level, a level which is supposed to show everyone how lifeless you are... It didn't take a month until you sporadically saw people with maximum, something extremely rare in Halo 3/Halo Wars/Halo: Reach during their high-tide. And the rewards, sure it is nice to see a different skin on your weapon, but that is supposed to be a little bonus and not part of the main reward...

What do you think? What should they keep for Halo 5: Guardians and what should be deleted? I personally would like to see the mid-game joining go and sure to bring back Spartan Ops, something I really enjoyed, especially after the release of the new maps for it. I would say, use the entire mechanic/mappacks from Halo 3 (my favorite), throw in some armor abilities and you are set. The maps from Halo 3 were awesome while the maps from Halo 4 were mostly bad, and the DLC-maps from Halo 4 were/are unplayable since there hasn't been a major/popular DLC playlist after the release of the first DLC.

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