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Why I am resigning as Halo Nation Bureaucrat.

It has been almost 6 years since I first joined Halo Nation, which at the time was struggling greatly from the recent split from Halopedia. Many of the people that moved from what was now called Halo Nation vandalised the site greatly, either removing content or replacing it with vulgar things. At first I was interested in moving to Halopedia, as Halo Nation was nothing at this point. But because of the way I was treated there, I decided to stay on Halo Nation. Right around this time, Ultra Force was in the same situation as me, and we both decided to stay on Halo Nation. Going through the proper channels to rise in the ranks, we both ended up as Administrators in the mid-2011s. We were astounded by this at the time, as the Administrators that had led the move to Halopedia were still in charge, and were reluctant to improve on their now-competition as a Halo Lore Fansite.

This stayed for a pretty long time like this, trying to take the control away from the Halopedians I came into contact with Wikia. After a very long struggle, I ended up staying on as an admin, but Ultra Force rising to the rank of Bureaucrat. It's around this time that a user by the name of T3CHNOCIDE started to make a name for himself, making those edits that really helped the site. He showed prowess in dealing with the complicated coding of the site, and was soon rewarded by being promoted to Chat moderator. Less than 2 months later, he had ascended to the rank of Administrator.

For a long time, it was the 3 amigos', we all ascended to bureaucrat status and under our 'rule' we attracted very promising people. We improved the site in many different ways, many of which are invisible but made the site run much better and look that much nicer. I started to write articles about Halo, and two years later started the Halo101 series which has last celebrated the Anniversary of Halo: Combat Evolved. Behind the scenes, a lot changed for me, I became less active as an editor and only made the daily 'Broken redirects, Dead-end pages, Double redirects, Candidates for deletion' round. I led many of the discussion in the Halo Nation Admin Skype & Slack chat, jokingly called the 'Cabal Chat', and have pushed many people to do the things they want on the side.

But it has not been such a good time as of late, growing frustration of the current Admin team's lack of action has made me doubt the work I put into this site. I consider Haloprov, Dab1001 & T3CHNOCIDE to be good friends, the guys I like to start a round of Halo 5 Warzone with. Others I only have the briefest of real conversations with, while there are some current admins who never talk. Especially this last part is what frustrates me most, these are the admins that look at Halo Nation's rules to become and stay an admin and be just as active as they need to be to stay that way. In my opinion, an administrator is someone who works in a team, not someone who patrols the site alone. An admin who does not even pretend to belong to the team, should be demoted in my opinion.

This brings me to Sunday, 25 September 2016. This is the day that I first shared, on the Cabal Chat, my consideration to end my tenure as bureaucrat/sysop on Halo Nation. This was met with a simple response: "Why?" Here I first shared my full displeasure with the state of the Halo Nation, although each issue was addressed by me at separate times. The discussion that followed lasted for a few hours, and was picked up several times over the next few days. I cannot/will not go into much detail of all the things discussed, and which admins even bothered to reply, but I can talk about a few things: 1. Lack of a sufficient fanbase to keep the site up-to-date 2. Administrator team 3. Lack of projects that are finished

I feel like I could talk for many more hours, but I will keep it at this. If you have any more question, I will try to regularly come back to this blog post and answer any questions.

Halo Nation has been a part of me for about a quarter of my life, I will miss it.