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What to expect from Halo 5

“Foreword: This article contains spoilers about the Halo games and literature behind them, specifically Halo 4 and the events of Spartan Ops. You have been warned!”

With Halo 4 behind (and with) us and the rest of the Reclaimer Saga before us, I wanted to shed some light to Halo 5. I have already ventured into the future in a previous article, though this article will be about Halo 5 specifically. I will have to guess and hope for a lot of these things, but I will all base them on the Halo Universe and beyond, no talking seals here! For this article I have used the sources you see at the end of this article, as I am too lazy to find them all myself.

The Story

Of course, this is the most difficult to predict, but I’ll give it a shot. The story will continue with the Forerunners, I highly doubt without the Didact. While John has at least hindered the Didact, the war is not over. I do hope it will be revealed that there are/were two Didacts, maybe we even see both. There probably are a lot of Forerunner weapons left, that haven't been mentioned in the backstory. While the Composer was a powerful weapon, it had a small radius for planet-wide conversion.

DIdact with armor

Another part of the story will be the development of John as a character, him coping with being truly alone. He first had other Spartans, who were either KIA or MIA (or both), but there no more Spartans left, he is the only one. This results in him being very withdrawn and anti-social (just watch the scene with Lasky on the bridge at the end of Halo 4). As was said by Halsey herself, she didn't know John was ever on Requiem. This could mean John never visited here for help about Cortana, or that he simply didn't tell her where he was. I would love to see Cortana returned, she was one of my favorite characters from the Universe.

I also hope there will be segments in the game revolving around some other character, maybe Thel 'Vadam or someone from the UNSC. I think it is safe to say Thel will return in H5, being pretty involved in the story of the Kilo-Five books. Jul 'Mdama is still active, being strengthened by a revengeful Dr. Halsey. Because Thel knows Jul, he may be able to help John in tracking Jul and stopping his attack on the human race.

The Multiplayer

I already ventured here in my previous article, but again, this will be more focused on Halo 5's multiplayer.

I really hope there will be some new, and more original Forerunner weapons and vehicles introduced. A weapon which would be both new and original would be some kind of whip, something that could get a Forerunner look. But I'm sure there are a lot more better qualified people to think about these things. In the line of vehicles, I would really like to see the VTOL vehicle from SR3 modified into a Forerunner vehicle. If they gave it another paint-job and a more alien-like propeller system they could get away with it. Of course not only flying vehicles should be introduced, some kind of land-based vehicle would be awesome.

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