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Wilc0 June 21, 2013 User blog:Wilc0
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As some of you know already, some big things are going on with me. On Wednesday the 26th of June I leave the northern hemisphere and go live with the kangaroos in Sydney, Australia! I am going there for an internship I have to complete for my studies, but mostly of course because of the experience! Even though my writing hardly betrays it, I don't speak English that well. This will change when I spend an entire year in an English-speaking country of course!

Because of these big change I won't be regularly available, especially the coming weeks. This translates itself into a decrease of edits by myself and my bot, no more biweekly articles (at least for a few weeks) here and over at the The Stockpile and no participation in the first (few) HN Podcasts.

If you have any problem you can always contact other admins/brcrats or you can email me. I read my mail regularly so an answer is never far away!

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