Forerunner and myself were discussing a new application for HaloNation, Top 10 Lists!
This blog is to measure the amount of support for this.

A short explanation

As seen on Scrubs Wikia

As seen on Scrubs Wikia

Lets say I want to know who people think is the best SPARTAN-II, I start a Top 10 List named: "Top 10 SPARTAN-IIs". Then I have to fill in all the names of SPARTANS I want to test, lets say I only want to know the best between John-117, Kurt-051 or Frederic-104 (Just an example, you can add as many names as you'd like.).
Now, let's say I really like Kurt, I vote for him.
Someone else thinks John is the best, (s)he votes for him and so on. Remember that you can only vote once to keep it fair. After a certain amount of people have voted there should be a pretty good image what the community thinks about that certain subject.
This can be done with any kind of topic, from favorite quotes to least favorite person to worst ways to die as long as it is related to the Halo Universe. If you still can't figure out what I am saying, please visit The Scrubs wikia for examples.


If you vote, use {{Support}}, {{Oppose}} or {{Neutral}} together with an explanation why you feel that way. As with all polls, you need at least 50 edits and have been active for at least a month to vote.

Support Support (8/2)
15px-Symbol neutral vote.svg Neutral (1/0)
Oppose Oppose (1/0)

Voting is closed, the application is available here