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The Halo Universe at the E3

My thoughts beforehand

With the biggest game event of the year on the threshold, it is time to reflect what effect this will have on the Halo Franchise and its Universe. What can we expect, what has already been revealed and what will be?

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Let's start up with Halo: Spartan Assault, a game previously leaked as "Halo: Bootcamp". While this game looks like some successor to Halo Wars, it is no RTS but a top-down shooter (aka "Shoot 'em up"). This game will be for the Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 (Megusta Emoticon). It will tell the story of the gap when John-117 was taking a nap in a cryo-chamber. The events center around Sarah Palmer and the previously unknown "Edward Davis". While Sarah Palmer was a good leader, she didn't get much action during Halo 4 and Halo 4's Spartan Ops. With the events centering about both of them, they sure will see loads of action.

While many people speculate about it, I do not think Halo 5: Guardians will be announced, but if it is, the release will be no earlier than the Fall of 2015. I base this on the launch of the Xbox 360, which spanned a gap of 2,5 years between its launch and that of Halo 3. Don't forget that Halo 4 is just 7 months old, when a gap of 3 years between two games is pretty much customary (applies to all major titles). While people may be angry about this, I won't be. For one, while Halo 5 is currently in development, a development time of 3 years will make sure the game will use the Xbox One's functionalities as good it can.

It also can be expected they will talk more about the Halo: The Television Series, something I am very anxious about. While I am not so sure it fits into the E3, as this is more an event for the computer and video games industry. I can expect they will talk about it, but may refer to some other expo which is more of an event for television series. But if not, they surely will talk about the plot and characters. But we'll just have to wait and see for that one.

Halo TV series

Then there are those things that are still waiting there to be revealed, but I doubt it this time. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary was kind of a surprise when it was announced, we expected something for the anniversary of Halo: Combat Evolved but not a (semi-)full game! Maybe 343i will venture in the past like I did and reincarnate an abandoned old project? I sure hope to play the Halo MMO if possible!

That were my thoughts on the subject of E3, did I forget something or you have your own ideas of what to expect? Please leave it in the comments below! Also, do not forget to watch the live-stream of JAlbor, see below for details.

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Time to recap!

Well, a lot of my predictions didn't come true. Halo 5 is now officially announced for Fall 2014 with an awesome teaser trailer.


There has been loads of speculation about what this means, him walking on some desert planet encountering a massive unknown construct. Some people say that John has gone rogue, has left the UNSC in search for "himself". Don't forget that he is an aged man who suffers from (severe) mental illness because of the way he was trained. This could result in him being classified as a threat which must me dealt with, resulting in a battle between John and other SPARTANs. Or he is 'talked down' by the remaining members of Blue Team. But this is all speculation.

The reason he is wearing the cloak can be explained in two different ways: His armor was not build against constant bombardment of tiny sand particles, or he choses this image because it reflects how he feels inside. Knowing 343i a bit, I think it is a combination of the two. While Cortana could have done something against the sand, now John is all alone.

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I am really wondering what the story is behind this unknown bird-like Forerunner Construct. Why is it there? What is its purpose? How did John find it underneath all that sand? Is his 'gift' from The Librarian involved? We just don't know yet.

And that is just the thing, this is just a teaser trailer. Don't forget last year, when we were shown a giant metal construct which was speculated to be a planet. This turned out correct, now hope some of these thoughts will. We'll just have to wait and see.

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