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Halo101: Terrence Hood

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It isn't one of ours, take it out.

Little is known about the pre-commandership of Lord Terrence Hood, but we know he is descended from British nobility. He was a highly decorated UNSCDF combat veteran. Standing over 190cm tall, his imposing figure and determined mind-set quickly led him to acquire a reputation. He was given command of the Halcyon-class UNSC Roman Blue when he was in his twenties or thirties.

As the commander of the Roman Blue, Terrence was given the task to retrieve a log buoy dropped by the UNSC Spirit of Fire. This buoy was dropped by the Spirit of Fire when it avoided the Battle of Arcadia. Enraged by the loss of Arcadia, Terrence ordered his crew to attack a nearby CPV-class Covenant destroyer. As the destroyer turned out to be too much to handle, the Roman Blue was forced to retreat, leaving the buoy behind. The loss of this buoy weight heavily on Terrence, as the buoy meant rescue for the crew aboard the Spirit of Fire. This guilt drove him to provide financial support for James Cutter's wife, daughter, as well as his illegitimate son Daniel Clayton. His support to Daniel extended to him helping Daniel ascend ranks in the UNSC.

In his long career he has fought many battles against the Covenant Empire, and had ascended to Fleet Admiral by the end of the war. His life was saved twice by SPARTAN-IIs, and has met several Spartans over the years, most notably John-117.


Gentlemen, we're lucky to have you back.

After the events on Installation 04, Terrence was present at the medal ceremony on Cairo Station. He gave John-117 and Avery Johnson the Colonial Cross, the highest possible wartime decoration. The same medal was posthumously awarded to Captain Jacob Keyes which was accepted by his daughter Miranda. The ceremony was interrupted when the Prophet of Regret attacked the nearby Earth with his fleet. Terrence ordered John-117 to defend Cairo from enemy boarders and assumed command of the defence from the station. After the Prophet of Regret had fled, he went back to his former duties, fighting the Covenant on Earth. One of which was to authorise a request by Catherine Halsey, who wanted to send Spartan support to Onyx.

After coming back from Installation 05, Avery Johnson and Miranda Keyes were put back into their respective roles. Avery was given the task of interrogating a rebel Engineer, Miranda was put in command of the defence of Earth from the UNSC base Crow's Nest. Terrence was commanding from a damaged Orbital Defense Platform when John-117 arrived in the Sol system aboard a Covenant-controlled Forerunner Dreadnought. Terrence immediately gave orders to destroy the incoming unknown ship. This order was belayed when he learned that John-117 was aboard. After John had jumped out of the Dreadnought, Terrence sent a rescue squad, led by Avery.

As it became apparent that the Covenant was excavating something near the town of Voi, Terrence ordered John-117, joined by Thel 'Vadam, to make a path to the site. Terrence personally led a squadron of frigates from the UNSC Forward Unto Dawn and Longsword fighters in a low altitude strike on the dreadnought. The attack failed and the Covenant left through a Slipspace portal to Installation 00.


One final effort is all that remains.

After witnessing the opening of the portal, Terrence quickly dealt with the sudden Flood attack. After having fought the Flood, John-117 returned with an apparent message from Cortana, telling them to go through the Portal. After the partial glassing of Africa to cleanse the Earth of Flood, Terrence allowed Miranda to command several ships through the Portal. She was accompanied by a Sangheili fleet, commanded by Rtas 'Vadum. Terrence remained on Earth, going back to his duties as part of the UNSC.

After the Human-Covenant war had finally ended, Terrence conducted the Hillside Memorial to honour the fallen soldiers and marines. While he could not forgive the Sangheili for their part in the war, he thanked Thel 'Vadam for helping John-117 and the UNSC. Terrence would later facilitate an official peace treaty with Thel, who had become the leader of the newly formed Swords of Sanghelios. He offered the help of the UNSC Infitity in the Sangheili Civil war, but Thel refused.

H5G BattleofSunaion

You'd have Admiral without much of an argument from anyone.

On July 25, 2557, following the Didact's attack on New Phoenix, Terrence was among high-ranking UNSC officials debriefing the very-well alive John-117. During the debriefing, Terrence interjected when Major General Nicolas Strauss inquired if, Cortana, who was seemingly destroyed in the destruction of the Mantle's Approach, was really gone. General Hogan then changed the subject, inquiring whether the Didact, who fell through a slipspace fissure, was terminated. As John-117 could not confirm that the Forerunner was deceased, Hogan decided to pass off the New Phoenix attack to have been perpetrated by the Covenant.

After the debriefing ended, and John was outside the chamber, he was approached by Terrence. He apologised for the lack of professionalism in the room and commented on how the UNSC was still coping with the recent events. This meeting was the first unofficial words spoken between Terrence and John since Crow's Nest, and showed interest in promoting John to Admiral, which John refused. Terrence then informed John that contact with Spartan Team Black and the science team on Installation 03 was lost, and that he planned to send Blue Team. Recognising the signs of a Promethean presence on Installation 03, John asked Terrence if he could join Blue Team, which Terrence granted. After Blue Team returned after another meeting with the Didact, Terrence ordered the members of Blue Team to take shore leave, which Blue Team refused.

We can simply both agree to stop killing each other.

On 3 March 2558, Hood was part of a board of high-ranking UNSC officers conducting an informal inquiry to Infinity's CO, Captain Thomas Lasky, and Spartan Commander Sarah Palmer as to the events on Requiem before boarding Infinity to tell Lasky that the search for Jul 'Mdama and Catherine Halsey had been given to the UNSC Vociferous. Their new mission was to mediate in the negotiation between the Sangheili and Jiralhanae, who had been at war since the Great Schism. These negotiation where interrupted when the Covenant remnants sect known as the 'Guardians of the Righteous' attacked. Terrence was protected by the many Spartans present as guards, and fled together with the dignitaries. As their party made it to relative safety, Terrence found a datapad on one of the Sangheili, which showed data on himself and all assembles Spartans. He guessed the attackers were simply mercenaries, and they could flee from them.

But just when the party thought they were safe, did the Spartan Vladimir Scruggs betray them. He took Terrence hostage to buy time for the attackers to reach them. This hostage situation was quickly solved when Sarah Palmer, after an apology, shot Terrence in the leg and kill the now unprotected Vladimir. Terrence got on the transport with everyone, excluding Fireteam Bailey, who stayed behind to cover their escape. Determined to find out who leaked the information, Terrence allowed the party of Thomas Lasky and Spartan Naiya Ray to lead a clandestine investigation. As Thomas was now officially on personal leave, he relinquished command of the Infinity to Terrence.

Now in command of the Infinity, Terrence received a distress call, broadcasted on an old frequency. Terrence immediately dispatched several Spartan fireteams to investigate. There they found the Pilgrim's Pride, which was set to self-destruct, after launching several attack fighters. After the crisis was averted, salvage teams determined that the attackers were not Insurrectionist, as they were using archaic craft such as Vultures and Sparrowhawks and determined that they belonged to UNSC Spirit of Fire. Terrence admitted to his subordinates that he knows everything about the Spirit, as he was the reason they went missing.

Further analysis showed that the Pilgrim's Pride was launched from the Jiralhanae controlled planet Oth Lodon. As Terrence wanted to avoid an incident with the Jiralhanae, he sent Sarah Palmer and Fireteam Majestic in secret. The Spartans reported that the only sign of life was a Covenant space station. Hood brought the Infinity to Oth Lodon right up next to the space station, where he was immediately contacted by Daniel Clayton, who blamed him for the loss of his father, James Cutter, and for secretly aiding in his career rather than let him build a name for himself. Clayton then reveals his allegiance to Admiral Mattius Drake's New Colonial Alliance Insurrection group. He showed his desire to kill Hood as he fired the station's glassing cannon at the Infinity. Hood managed to survive the attack, albeit wounded, though others were killed. A Covenant frigate then detached from the station to fire on the Infinity, but thankfully, Sarah and Majestic were able to gain control of the station and turn the glassing cannon on the frigate, destroying it.

Seventy-two hours later, as the UNSC secured the station and Lasky had returned to the Infinity, Terrence went to visit the captive Daniel to inquire why Mattius would allow him to destroy the Infinity when the latter tried to capture the ship four years previously. Daniel boasted that the New Colonial Alliance had expanded, placing agents on every colony, even Earth itself. Unwilling to hear his jingoism, Terrence turned to leave, telling Daniel he's going to be transferred to the Midnight Facility, even as the Insurrectionist screamed that the UNSC will be defeated.

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