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Halo’s Conflicted Present

After venturing into the past and future, I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about Halo's present. While Halo is far from the only FPS out there, it is one of the most iconic ones. Some of the most popular ones are: Call of Duty, Battlefield, Gears of War and many more of course. They each bring their own spin to the FPS genre, with more of a focus to the multiplayer aspect.

It is here where Halo stands out from the rest. Although Halo has got one of the best and detailed campaign stories, it cannot tell all this during the hours of campaign currently available. The back story has become so massive, it is hard for gamers to keep up.

Halo 4 is the best example by far, an awesome campaign with a lot of new characters, places and weapons. But it has to convey so much information is so many times people were/are getting confused by it. It is never explained who the Didact is and it is only implied it's a Forerunner. The Librarian makes a short but most confusing appearance and let's not even start on Jul 'Mdama's Covenant. It was never even said that Thel 'Vadam, the de facto leader of the Covenant Empire at the end of Halo 3, was no part of the Covenant Remnant. A lot of 'Arbiter-fans' who didn't read the books where confused.

Marines with 'ol Arby

The campaign is not the only that frustrated me, it was also the multiplayer. While my personal opinion is that no game can solely rely on a multiplayer, it sure is a big part of the game. I know of course that this is 343i's first Halo and they needed to experiment a bit. This resulted in a couple of annoying this in the multiplayer, which have made me stop enjoying it. First of, the instant respawning combined with poor spawn places. While at first glance this seems like a nice addition, it really isn't. I love playing (team) SWAT, but the poor instant-spawning spots have ruined this. More times than one an enemy has gotten some multikill on me when I respawned. And on Halo 4's remake of Lockout, I have respawned at the bottom level of the elevator a record time of 10 times in a row... I really hope they fix this, or simply remove the insta-spawn.

A second thing is the ability to join a game mid-game, something that I really hate. While it seems nice to have a few new teammates after the rest has quit, it isn't so nice in practice. A player that joins a game mid-session probably is cursing to himself, because he knows it is too late to get any of the good weapons. This means that the opposing team has all the power weapons/vehicles and you spawn with your rifle and a handful of grenades. Even if you join the game seconds after the start, this will give the opposing team a distinct advantage. If multiple newlings join your team, you can bet on it that you lose.

Mp11 9 1

Another thing that bugs me, more than it should maybe, is the diversity of the weapons. If you only look at the long-distance rifles you have: The DMR, the Battle rifle, the Light rifle and the Covenant Carbine. While they look completely different from each other the function much in the same way. For some reason people despise the DMR and love the BR, but I really don't see much of a difference. This not only counts for the rifles, but each weapon-class has multiple carbon-copies so to speak. A special mention goes out to the Boltshot, a weapon that seriously has to be nerfed down to the strength of a Mauler.

So in short, future Halo games should ease into the story and not throw it at you like Halo 4 did. They should either fix the insta-spawn or get rid of it as they should with the mid-session joining. They should reduce the number of weapons, but we could use some new weapon-classes and the Boltshot either has to be nerfed, or to be terminated completely.

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