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Halo’s Troubled Past

We all thought about it, at least I certainly did, about how Halo would develop under 343i’s reign. Bungie gave us a trilogy, 2 spin-offs, and a bunch of books. 343i so far has given us the first of a trilogy, a visual remake of a classic game, a couple of books, an anime series and a live action short-series. We have also received a game unique in the Halo franchise, the first RTS strategy; Ensembles Studio’s swan song, Halo Wars.

Vulture Barrage

While most of these things received high marks, not all did. In fact, not every idea made it as a game. There was a Halo MMO which never saw the light of day; a coalition between Bungie, Ensemble Studio’s and several unnamed companies. Before the game was cancelled there were over 40 people working on it; so it should be no surprised that they managed to get some things done. They created, an interface, new enemies, new vehicles and a lot of concept art to back it up. Maybe in the future another company can pick up these pieces and put them together…?


There also was Halo: Chronicles, an idea of Wingnut Interactive which partnered with Microsoft and Peter Jackson. It was supposed to contain episodic, interactive story-telling. Because there was never a lot of info released on the subject, a lot of rumors are still flying around out there. In the UK-version Xbox 360 magazine (Xbox World 360) it was speculated that the game would be more of an 'interactive movie' where some parts would be semi-playable, and certain decisions would lead to different outcomes that you would then have to watch play out.

And who can forget the announcement of Bungie back in 2004 about a Halo Movie? While the movie was intended to be handled by 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures both pulled out of the deal for unknown reasons in October 2006 - postponing the Halo movie indefinitely until new distributors can be found. The movie would have been live-action with heavy use of CGI. Back in 2007, when D.B. Weiss was announced to be the movie’s script writer, the movie really seemed to be closer than previously anticipated. There is still a piece of the script floating around on the web, however the authenticity is heavily debated. There were rumors that the movie would be focused on the Fall of Reach, however that is exactly what they remained, rumors. Fast-forwarded to October of 2010, the last rumor about the movie was DreamWorks Studios interests in the movie rights, with a possible 2014 release date. Alas, that was the last we heard from the movie. Nevertheless, a couple of promotional live-action series advertising the games themselves showed that a live-action movie was still a possibility, and even that it does not necessarily have to focus on John-117 to be a success.

Cadet Inspection

Because of the popularity of hand-held gaming, it was no surprise that Microsoft wanted in on it with involvement of their flagship product, Halo. Because Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has no handheld version they partnered up with Nintendo to release it on their Nintendo DS system. According to IGN’s Matt Cass, there was a playable version as early as 2007. On October 2, 2007 he demonstrated on-camera, in-game footage of an early-development style version of Halo DS. The demonstrated work featured dual-wielding and a version of the Halo 2 map Zanzibar. Because this demo was not approved by Bungie, the entire project was scrapped and probably will never happen.

Will any of these games ever see the light of day? Most likely not, but it never hurts to dream! Maybe when 343i is nearly done with Halo 6 they will look at other ideas. Maybe the continue in the FPS genre, maybe they expand into more RTS, some MMO or who knows what else (Halo Kart?).

Halo Kart

End note: This is my first article on the Halo Universe I have written, tell me what you liked and did not like in the comments below. Wilc0 out.

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