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Could the Halo Universe become our Universe? Part 1
Disclaimer: All data I use I did completely by memory, so may not be completely accurate.

If the Halo Universe is to become our Universe, we are in need of aliens. Not only the aliens of the future like the members of the Covenant Empire, but also those of the past like the Forerunners and the Flood.

How likely is it that there are aliens? Not so unlikely if you know the size of the Universe and persistent life is, maybe every star has 1 or 2 habitable planets with life or maybe it is much rarer than that. I myself don’t share the arrogant position of many religious people that we are the only ones on this side of the edge.

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This view, that we are not alone, has even attracted the attention of mathematicians and has sprung the "Drake's equation". This equation is highly debated, but it gives a number of alien civilizations out there at any given moment. When it was applied by Carl Sagan during an episode of “Cosmos” (which you should now watch btw), it yielded a result of five. Now, that is a number much lower than you’d expect, unless you look at human history, the only record book we can use. The earliest civilization I can think of were the Ancient Egyptians, a civilization which first arrive over 6 millennia ago. But that is nothing compared to the 13.8 billion year old universe we live in, just a speck of dust. Who says that there haven’t been civilizations around since the beginning, or at least when the universe had calmed down enough to allow those things. So it is not impossible that an alien race like the Forerunners could have existed, however unlikely that we would have met them. The same goes for the Covenant, possible but unlikely.

Alien civilizations have and will arise throughout the universe, but what about us visiting them? In order to imagine this, it is impossible to disregard politics and diplomacy. Who is in control of a newly discovered, uninhabited by sentient life, and its resources? This requires a government body much like we see as the UNSC.

The UNSC formed from the present United Nations and is the organization which is in control of all its colonies. Some planets are mainly used for their resources, like Harvest, while others are used as a base for all UNSC troops, like Reach. On these planets there exist shops, which I can only guess are not build there for free. It is never mentioned, but we can assume that they pay taxes to the UNSC so they can afford all their toys and what-not. So every planet is controlled by the same organization, faceless and pretty much omnipresent. I think most people would have a hard time, if ever, agreeing with a powerful and faceless organization.

But what about the humans would don’t want that, what about the human rebellion pretty much summed up as the Insurrection. Rebellion is in the human nature, push us and we will fight back. The Innies are not only highly likely, I think it is inevitable if there is an organization like the UNSC, mostly known for its strong military force. The Innies are simply rebelling against a force they deem unfair and they fight back with an iron fist.

But what about the best known soldiers from the UNSC, the SPARTANs? Inspired by the historical Spartans, this brain-child of Dr. Catherine Halsey are the strongest warriors, bred for battle. Unmatched by “normal humans”, they are only deployed when absolutely needed. But would they ever become reality, could they be approved of by the government? I think the SPARTAN-IIs and -IIIs are highly unlikely, however a start as the ORION Project followed by what we know as the SPARTAN-IVs are a little more realistic. In history, many attempts have already been made to enhance soldiers to produce super-soldiers. However, deemed unethical, no more testing is taking place on human subjects (as far as we know). Sure, some evil professor can do it in his/hers lair, but that technology won’t be used on such a large scale.

Spartan III Alpha Company

But what if we started something like the SPARTAN-II Program, a secret program deemed so unethical that the SPARTANs past is deemed classified? What is there to stop a SPARTAN to spill his/her beans and expose everything about the program and those involved? How loyal would they stay over time? In the beginning, it is just Stockholm syndrome, how they were raised, but why didn’t they rebel as soon as they mentally could? I can’t see a reason why they didn’t develop any hateful feelings for the people who pretty much destroyed any future they could have had. The drugs, the operations, the abusive training at such a young age, the interviewer at the opening of Halo 4 was absolutely right when he said that they were mental wrecks. But the kids were not just selected at random, they were chosen because they were not only the strongest, but because they were the smartest. Why would someone with an IQ near the 200’s not figure out that what they have gone through is not right, on any level? One could point to the clone army from Star Wars, being completely obedient and all, but they are nothing like the SPARTANs. Sure, they were both raised as a soldier, but for completely different purposes. The clones were made to be strong in numbers, SPARTANs were made to be strong without.

That was part 1, tune in next time for part 2!

Could the Halo Universe become our Universe?

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