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Can Halo (Xbox One) flop?

Can Halo (Xbox One) become a huge failure? Well, there are two ways to approach this, the sales and the reviews. If the sales are high but the reviews are bad, the game just drifted on the name and didn’t deliver. If the sales are low and the reviews are high, the game was just ignored by most non-fanbase due to bad marketing and not sold as much. If they both are low, the marketing and game were not good. However, if both were high, the game and its marketing were good and thus had attracted a lot of non-fanbase.

What does it take to flop a game like a Halo game? Technically Halo Wars was a flop, but I enjoyed that game very much. It just didn’t attract a lot of Halo fans because it wasn’t a FPS, but one of the best console-RTS’s out there. I am still hopeful for a Halo Wars 2, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

But what should they have to do in order to make Halo (Xbox One) flop? Besides the marketing, what could 343i do if they wanted it to do badly:

  1. Have John as a secondary character for ≥50% of the campaign
  2. Have Cortana miraculously return without a good, valid and well-explained reason (maybe)
  3. John taking of his mask, except maybe in the closing cutscene (legendary ending?)
  4. Depend (again) too much on lore without much explanation for the gamers

That are a couple of ways I can think of, you can probably think of more, leave that in the comments below.

But how can they make Halo (Xbox One) be as memorable as Halo: Combat Evolved for the old and the new gamers? I can think of a few ways:

  1. Thel returns, sides with John together with his brethren
  2. Have a kind of ‘Star Wars moment’ where an important world (Reach? Earth?) is blown up or otherwise destroyed by the Ur-Didact
  3. Halsey sacrifices her life to give John back a Cortana-model with the old Cortana’s memories which were still retained in John’s armor
  4. The SPARTANs which were trapped together /with Halsey/ on Trevelyan enter the battlefield (Since John doesn’t know what happened to them, it can easily be explained to the gamer via cutscene/in-game dialogue)

Either way, I don’t think Halo (Xbox One) will do too badly. They may suffer from low sales in the beginning since not everybody has the new console in the beginning of launch and the unpopularity of Halo 4 right now. But if the reviews are good, this may lead to more sales later down the road.

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