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Dr. Catherine Halsey Suing Bungie for Infringement of SPARTAN Program - ''The Lockout Weekly''

Wikia December 11, 2008 User blog:Wikia

<map_XX rules="" bg_id="2" name="MAP_NAME" author="YOUR_NAME"> <map> <add_hive type="1" val="324,478,12" gid="0" /> <add_hive type="1" val="232,543,34" gid="0" /> <add_hive type="1" val="492,460,60" gid="0" /> <add_hive type="1" val="415,276,64" gid="0" /> <add_hive type="1" val="227,435,14" gid="0" /> <add_hive type="1" val="323,239,10" gid="0" /> <add_hive type="1" val="549,199,28" gid="0" /> <add_hive type="1" val="204,329,68" gid="0" /> <add_hive type="1" val="372,99,70" gid="0" /> <add_hive type="1" val="416,441,8" gid="0" /> <add_hive type="1" val="15,577,266" gid="0" /> <add_hive type="1" val="620,400,20" gid="2" /> <add_hive type="1" val="200,160,40" gid="1" /> </map> </map_XX>

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