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  • WallBreaker

    So I was replaying the Spartan Ops mission Spartan Mountain when Sarah Palmer says But I'm the one who signs your paychecks. This got me thinking: do the Spartan-IV's actually get paid, and do they eventually retire? It seems a bit weird to give a 2m tall supersoldier a salary, since he can't go to any pubs, supermarkets, and he doesn't need a house, because shelter is provided by the UNSC.

    But that would mean that Spartans (especially the 4's) stay with the UNSC forever. And it would seem a bit weird to me if you see a eighty-year old in a combat harness.

    So are the Spartans real soldiers, or are they just killing machines who fight until they die?

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  • WallBreaker

    'Classified' armor

    December 30, 2012 by WallBreaker

    So, I was wondering, will 343 add more armor or skins to the section 'Classified', along with new in-game glyphs? We have all the Raider (DSTT) codes now, so I would be dissapointed if they didn't add more armor (don't take this as a complaint, I loved the Raider armor so I just want more).


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  • WallBreaker

    Halo 4 Vanity

    December 11, 2012 by WallBreaker

    Hi guys!

    I really liked the Halo Reach Player Armor Generator (or Vanity for short). I literally spent hours mixing and matching for the perfect Spartan-III soldier, so if anyone could find an armor generator for Halo 4, or if anyone has any information if it's being build, I would be most pleased to hear it. 

    The creator of the original Vanity states that he know works as a Project Tools Designer at Bungie, so I don't think he will make a new Vanity soon. 

    Thanks, WB

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  • WallBreaker

    No Map Pass in Europe?

    December 8, 2012 by WallBreaker

    Hi all.

    I bought the limited edition of Halo 4 so I could profit from all the extra features like the War Games Map Pass, the skins, and the Specializations, so I was quite upset when I heard that the Specialization codes were not given to European players.

    So, my question is: will the Map Pass still work for European players?

    I didn't get a code of any kind, so I'm kinda worried if the Maps will be available for me.

    Yours, WB

    P.S. Sorry for grammar mistakes, English isn't my first language.

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