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WRAITH September 14, 2009 User blog:WRAITH

Well, to those that remember my last post, I said I was back. I have been chec king in, but still not editing. Thankfully that will change. I bought a new Xbox a month ago and Finally was able to get going. I got Halo 3 again(and HAlo Wars as well, whom I forgot whom heere at HAlopedia said to get) and just finished the Halo Wars Campaign and H3's campagin. I have to say, I have mixed feelings. While I still am not the biggest fan of Halo's multiplayer, that damn storyline snatched me again like a bass on a fishing line. I am happy, as it is fun to get back into the story and kewl to see the halo wars cutscenes(awesome spartan/matrix action, and a certain marine shanks a certain elite I had come to hate. PWND!!!) At the same time, I am very sad in a way. I was reminded that we still do not know what ever happened to John, and that after ODST and Reach come out, apparently thats it for the Halo universe(from what I know) All this has has inspired me to get back to editing, as I what to find out more of the story, as well with ODST coming out, we will have much to do. In the mean time feel free to suggest what needs doing, as I want to be careful as to what I touch and mess up... oops... Anyways see you all later and feel free to add me on XBL. My gamertag is the same it used to be--> WraithAscendant. Hopefully Bungie being 7 obbsessed as they are, will not stop at a 5th Halo game(Halo:CE, H2, H3, Halo:ODST, and Halo Reach=5! Not 7!!!!!!)

Take Care and remember to do a barrel roll before you leave....

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