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My possible resignation from Halopedia

This to all my fellow Halopedia friends,

I have considered to, unfortunately, resign from Halopedia. Well not fully because I'll still come on here periodically. he reason I'm resigning is because that, as you may have noticed, I have not been active on this sight. I promise you I will still keep in touch with you all. Oh and this is to those who have contributed to the book I'm still trying to write: Would it be possible for you all to resend the information about the characters that you wanted in the book because I had accidently lost that information, but this time I won't. And to any who would want to be in my book, just say the word and I'll give to my reply.

Like I said, I'm not fully resigning, I just won't be on here as often because school is coming up and a new for my XC team is starting soon(first race 9/10/09). Good luck to you all!

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