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Why not turn assassinations from a simple gameplay enhancement into a new element of the game? Give it more attention and make it more smooth and fluid. I really enjoy assassinating players; and I consider it a personal challenge to assassinate snipers in War Games/Multiplayer. One of the few things in gaming that give genuine personal triumph. In all past Halo games, assassination has been a mechanism that makes stealthy kills from behind more interesting. To up the ante, why not break the next wall, and make it even more integrated into the game? Instead of simply watching someone else get their chaps busted or watching someone shove a knife in your gut, have people work to assassinate/save themselves (NEW ASSASSINATION MECHANISM EXPLAINED BELOW) So I thought of some stuff that might improve assassinations in the next Halo. Tell me what you all think of these:


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[More graphic] Suggestions

[Assassinations that require firing weapons will use up ammo]

1: Knock them down and then smash their head with current weapon 

2: Pistol whipping skull assassination

3: Stab with knife in gut, and then shoot a headshot with current weapon (side arms only)

4: Turn foe around and force them to their knees; then perform four fatal headbutts

5: Kick between legs, and vault over behind them, then trip them and stomp on their neck

6: Choke foe to death with rifle barrel (Sniper and Binary only)

7: Pick up foe and do a piledriver

8: Punching repeatedly in face with Sword hilt and then activating it for the last strike (Energy sword only)

9: Forcing off the breathing apparatus, and then kicking them away (Grunts only)

10: Headlock enemy, and then do a backflip, breaking their neck (Elites only)

11: Grab helmet and stick a knife through the visor (Spartans only)

12: Tackle to ground, and then cruch windpipe with fist (Jackals only)

13: Thrust fist into back and remove a mass of worms, and then fire weapon (They should add Hunter assassinations because this happened in the books; Hunters only)

14: Plant a grenade in the mass of worms, and then dive away (Hunters only)

15: Stab Combat Knife/Energy Dagger in thigh, and then into abdomen, and then into shoulder, and finally into the neck

16: Uppercut with a Knife/Dagger so that it impales them through the chin

17: Roundhouse kick the foe's head

18: Dodge their punch, and then do a dropkick that severs their spine

19: Kick foe, then strafe back and snipe through their heart (Sniper only)

20: Clothesline them, and then do an elbow drop on their face (Spartans only)

21: Place foot on spine, grab both arms, and kick foot while pulling back until both arms and spine break

22: Thrust knife into their back, then slowly force them to the ground (Think Assassin's Creed)

23: Trip foe, jump on their chest and blast their face with current weapon

[They should also add combo assassinations that are unique to a certain pair of weapons]

24: (E.g. Combo assassination) Jab chest with sword, and then step back and headshot (Magnum and Energy Sword combo)

25: Knock down foe and remove shields with plasma pistol, then fire with magnum to kill (Magnum and Plasma Pistol combo)

26: Slash at foe's gut, and grab them with one arm when they bend over, shoot weapon at the back of their neck with the other arm (Energy Sword and Assault Rifle combo)

[Enough combo assassinations]

27: Knee their groin, and then snap their neck as they bend over

28: Swing foe over your head and slam them on their head behind you (Grunts only)

29: Stab foe below the sternum, then lift them up and do a body slam

30: Bear hug the foe from behind and then insert the knife into their neck 

31: Stab into the foe's mouth and then force them down and kick their head (Elites and Jackals only)

32: Repeatedly stab their gut before throwing them aside

33: Evade the foe's punch before tackling them to the ground and performing a double axe handle on head

34: Slam current weapon into side of foe's neck with massive force

35: Grab the back of the foe's neck, force them to their knees and then perform an axe handle on back of neck

36: Backhand the target, and the stab their shoulder before slashing across torso

37: Pick up the foe by their neck, stab them once, and then toss them away (Jackals only)

38: Kick the back of the foe's knee so that they kneel down, then stab the back of their neck

39: Grab the victim by the back of the head, and then slam their head on the ground (Mid-air)

40: Kick them down, then use the blade attachment to impale their abdomen (Brute weapons only)

New Assassination Mechanics

Say for instance, that Player A is assasinating Player B. Everything would become a blur except for the two players. To successfully assassinate Player B, Player A would have to press two on-screen prompts. 

For example; On the X-box, while the backdrop is blurred, a prompt for maybe the A button and then the X button would pop up. If Player A presses the correct buttons, he pulls off the assassination; whereas if he pressed the wrong buttons, Player B would simply be left without shields.

The same applies for Player B, but they have to press a combination of four buttons (This would still make assassinations mostly successful and thus, keeping it appealing). If Player B gets the combination correctly and BEFORE Player A, then Player B only loses his shields. If he gets the combination wrong, or Player A inputs the correct buttons first then Player B gets assassinated. This is not a long animation that will happen mid battle and this initial button input will add maybe two extra seconds + the animation. This would reduce the rarity of show-stopper but two even more rare medals will be introduced.

Let's talk Xbox: (If both are correct, or tie, then the assassin always gets the kill)

Player A: X B

Player B: Y A X


If Player A inputs first, correctly -> Player B gets assassinated

If Player A inputs second, correctly -> Player B gets assassinated

If Player A inputs first, incorrectly -> Player B loses shields only

If Player A inputs second, correctly -> Player B gets assassinated

So similarly:

If Player B inputs first, correctly -> Player B loses shields only

If Player B inputs second, correctly -> Player B gets assassinated

If Player B inputs incorrectly at all, regardless of first or second -> Player B gets assassinated

This new quick time system would give players a small chance to avoid assassination and would make the game more realistic. The players would be a a fluid stasis, posed with Player A preparing to strike and Player B bracing for the attack. Only in this phase of button input is a third party able to score a show stopper, afterwards, the assassin will take extremely reduced damage during the assassination animation; and getting a kill in this phase would award the third party a new medal: Ranger.

Deflecting the assassination attempt by being Player B, and inputting correctly before Player A would award them a new medal too: Escape Artist

Armor Modifications

Tactical Packages:

Assassin - Easier assasinations; can assassinate over a longer distance (2 meters instead of 1 meter)

Hitman - Assassinations are faster

Headhunter - Assassinations make no noise at all; and victim does not grunt/scream

Armor Upgrades:

Guardian - Easier to get a show-stopper; does more damage to assassin for duration of assassination

Renegade - A small chuckle is heard when an enemy is approaching from behind