Well this is my first Blog and parody. One of my favorite Shows is Lost (if you already didn't know by looking at my avatar :P), and these are some of my favorite people are on Halopedia. Though some of the credit for deciding who should be who goes to Grizzlei, I did all the Hard work :P. Lost Parody

Forerunner as Daniel Faraday: They are both smart, and take control when needed and are not afraid of the consequences. And both have a tendency to be a head-case (:P)

Manticore as John Locke: Both know what they are doing, and don't let anyone tell them otherwise, destiny has taken them this far, now we can only wait and see where it takes them.

Ghost_sangheili as Ben Linus: Both very good at what they do, manipulating and getting what they want, and using whatever the means that will get them to their preferable ending. Both have also talked to an empty chair....(:P)

Specops306 as Jack Shephard: both smart, and give the occasional "fuck it".

ChristineV as Juliet Burke:Grizzlei: "The hot one" errr....yea......

Grizzlei as James "Sawyer" Ford: Both take charge when needed to, and always plan ahead, and never for the short term. Both have been chased by wild-possessed Boars too.

ChurchReborn as Sun Hwa Kwon: Both are very strong people, and will take action to get things working again. And both haven't seen their significant other in a while....

Subtank as Kate Austen: Both are both kind and affirmative, and they both have much influence on what is to come. Though i hope they don't have the whole killed-her-father thing in common....

Lt._Church as Hurley "Hugo" Reyes: They both look at the bright side and are always laid back, and at times, want to just help out whether it would just be some cheering up, or for a voice of reason. And they have both threatened people with solid gold Jesus statues.

TheVerve as Charlotte Malkin: Both are smart, and good at what they do best for Charlotte it is Anthropology, and TheVerve's is making people happy, sure they might be different things, but that doesn't take away from the gravity of what there outcome is.

ONI_recon_111 as Desmond Hume: Both are likable in there own way and both are "special in their own way (:P). And I know that ONI just loves the Scottish.

Spirit-of-HALO as Sayid Jarrah: Both are friendly at times, and at others, you just don't want to mess with them for fear of torture and/or Death. They both are wanted by the authorities, or so I am told.

Spartansniper450 as Miles Straume: Both are very experienced in the field of "smartassness" and will crack a joke or two every now and then.

Well I am done, we had some laughs, we had some tears (well, that was mostly me) and this has taken me a while to make, as it is almost past my bedtime, and I will conclude on that note. P.S. Yes most of these were jokes, or as I would call them, "real cute" :D.