Greetings, fellow Halo Nationers. I shall keep this straight to the point.

On the Resident Evil Wiki, there's a custom namespace; "Walkthrough". Don't know what namespace is?

“You know, you get stuff like "Forum", "Template" and "Halo Nation", along with their appropriate talk pages.
If you add in a new one, "Walkthrough", you can use it to make walkthrough guides that are more noticeable
For one thing, they appear on Special:Allpages in their own list”
— Forerunner

This means that if I were to write {{Walkthrough:Uprising}}, the walkthrough for the Halo 2 level "Uprising" will be created as if it were a template.

It also means that if someone wrote Walkthrough: Uprising, it would be synonymous with Walkthrough:Uprising (notice the lack of a space between colon). The RE wiki had this problem where they couldn't find walkthrough guides because some users were adding gaps.

And so, I request for "Walkthrough" as a content namespace that appears in search results. It has a discussion page called "Walkthrough talk". Subpages can be used.

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credit for coming up with this request goes to Forerunner